Keeping it fresh

When I first found out that I would be a part of this amazing project to tour China, I started thinking about all the new experiences I would have. My first 13+ hour flight to get to the other side of the world, my first time going to a country where I know not a single word of the native language, and first time that I will be shoving a lot of unknown and questionable food into my mouth. But I didn’t realize that my new experiences would start much closer to home.

All of the past works I have been in, while at OSU, I have spent at least a semester, or a quarter if you were lucky, on one work. We spent time working through it, adjusting, editing, reworking until we got to the finished product.

But this has been quite a different process. We have learned almost six different dance pieces over the span of about 12 weeks. Rehearsals have been a constant jumping back and forth from dancing with chairs and pillows to a meditative, yoga solo. The diverse range of pieces we have learned so far is really incredible and it’s a great challenge for to be able to make such drastic switches to our movement.

While it is hectic, I almost prefer this method of learning. It is refreshing to have to switch to a new dance each week. It keeps everything fresh, and you don’t feel as if you’re beating the life out of every single movement. It keeps you on your toes as a performer, and ultimately it has kept me fully engaged in this process.

The only thing that’s next is to see if this freshness and engagement can last the long trek to China.