The trek begins…


Valerie Williams, John Houston, Michael Dow and Alice Bacani

Valerie Williams, John Houston, Michael Dow and Alice Bacani

One hour long flight to Detroit complete, one 13 hour flight to Beijing still to go.

Technically we’ve just started our trip, but it feels like we have been slowly starting our trip to China ever since we began rehearsals about seven months ago. Every time that we thought about China, an item we need to pack, the news about the high levels of the smog, or a weird food that we were curious to try, it seemed like something that was off in the distance future. But now it’s actually here. The hours of rehearsal and preparation are about to be put to the test. We are soon going to find out if we can quickly adapt to the unusual places I am sure we will be performing or if we can deal with the stresses of the unusual food and unfamiliar environment (my biggest worry is how I’m going to tackle Chinese toilets).

You can tell dancers have taken over the waiting area in the airport as we practice some stretches and yoga before getting on this long flight, desperate to do anything that will make this flight even the tiniest bit more comfortable. It finally feels real. It’s finally starting to hit me that I will be on the opposite side of world in just half a day. After months and months of preparation, I’m excited to see what this adventure will hold.