Traveling Across the Globe

Airport. ChinaTour2014. Photo by Leisa DeCarlo

Airport. ChinaTour2014. Photo by Leisa DeCarlo

As I sit on this tortuously long airplane ride, I am reminded of the imagery we often utilize in class to find our individually correct spinal alignment in imagining the back being supported or sinking into warm sand. In attempt to lessen the discomfort and tightness in my lower back after nearly eight hours on this airplane, I am trying to imagine my seat as warm sand, embracing my back and gently supporting my structure.

It is situations like these that I feel slight inconvenience in the length of my own body, as in this moment, my only desire is to be able to once again straighten my knees.

As a group, we have been trying to be intentional about getting up and walking around every few hours. I am attempting to engage a sort of circular breathing, such as the type implemented in class, in order to sustain a flow of the lungs and body, in active resistance to the heightened air pressure. More, we are, as a group, reminding one another to be responsible in the task of hydration, in attempt to minimize swelling and jet-lag upon landing.