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Movement Workshops: Changchun University

It was very much our responsibility, as performers throughout the rehearsal process, to work to create and practice movement exercises that would manifest as moments of research and cultural exchange. Through the methodology… Continue reading


  China was an absolutely incredible, indescribable experience. I have fallen in love with dance, and overwhelmingly, life, again. What a refreshing lesson in exchange, adaptation, and exploration. Our time in China was… Continue reading

Research Presentation Excerpts

Some excerpts from my most recent research presentation… Background and Preparation: Subsequent to a selection process, a contingent of OSU students and faculty gained the opportunity to travel to China through a cultural… Continue reading

An Indescribable Experience

 As for our time in China thus far…I think I can speak for all of the dancers when I state that this experience has exceeded our most imagined expectations. As a company representing… Continue reading

Traveling Across the Globe

As I sit on this tortuously long airplane ride, I am reminded of the imagery we often utilize in class to find our individually correct spinal alignment in imagining the back being supported… Continue reading

Research Statement

The Communicative Body: The Language of Dance and Its Impact on Cross-Cultural Understanding Mission: The innate conversational power of the body is often misperceived as inconsequential in comparison to the extensive weight we… Continue reading

This “Thing” That We Do…

In attempting to communicate my connection to dance, I find the word passion to be one of stringent inadequacy.  Passion is often defined as an overwhelming inclination or emotion toward a specific thing. … Continue reading

Exposing the Effort

As one of the eight pieces in the extent of the China repertory, we are working with Abby Zibikowski.  View her most recent work, Brute Force in Ohio State University’s Dance Department performance Dance Downtown… Continue reading

A truth that eludes even the face

We were asked, today, to embody the narratives we had created to contextualize the movement of Sokolow’s Daydreams. After performing the piece once for our instructor, she questioned our motive. Our embodiment of… Continue reading

The limitation of words

Today, in rehearsal, we were prompted to create personal narratives in fit the choreography of Daydreams. We’ve embodied the initial steps, but the movement remains lifeless. Stale. So each of us grabbed a… Continue reading

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