“Then This” by Abby Zbikowski

Abby Zbikowski.

OSU Lecturer Abby Zbikowski.


Abby Zbikowski is choreographer interested in movement, practice and finding new meaning through physical form and action. Abby’s work with her company, the New Utility, has been presented at DNA’s Raw Material, Movement Research at Judson Church, the nEW Festival, COLLAGE Arts Festival, the Hear/Now series and the newMoves Festival presented by the Kelly Strayhorn Theater, among others. Her work has also been commissioned by The Ohio State University, where she currently teaches full-time. She has studied intensively at Germaine Acogny’s L’Ecole de Sables in Senegal, and holds a BFA in dance from Temple University and an MFA in dance from the The Ohio State University. As a performer, Abby has worked with choreographers Charles O. Anderson/dance theater x, Megan Mazarick, Nora Gibson, Paige Phillips, Maree ReMalia, and has performed nationally and internationally with the Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project.