“Glacier.” Photo by Stephanie Matthews.

Welcome to the manifestation of our creative research as both college students and aspiring artists. As journalism and dance majors at Ohio State University, much of our interest inhabits the communicative capacity and relationship of dance and language. Through an opportunity presented by the Ohio State Department of Dance, we were selected to travel to China in March of 2014 as members of a modest student performance company. For seven months, we will learn and rehearse repertory from a variety of choreographers in preparation for a ten day performance and cultural tour of China.  As an integral appendage to the embodied physical process, we will further our research for the tour in cultural and lingual investigation, in attempt to better alleviate the anticipated impact of unfamiliarity presented by a country so different from our own. This blog will serve as our platform to document, reflect, and respond to our experiences throughout the exploratory process. We are both incredibly grateful and humbled by this opportunity and we look forward to sharing our experiences.